About Us


What is Mandy’s Make all about?

Our mission is to bring professionally taught fun creative projects to everyone.

We run a program of creative workshops including:

  • Sewing or textiles
  • Chalk painting and distressing furniture
  • Paper crafts & card making
  • Jewelry making (including precious metals)
  • Cooking & many more

Our workshops are run from Mandy’s home in Brislington, Bristol or from ‘The Rope Walk’ in Bedminster, Bristol – our new trendy venue.
Or we would be delighted to come out to you in your chosen venue.

Craft Workshops:

  • Needle felting
  • Fabric Flowers
  • Lampshade Making
  • Beginners sewing
    • Make a tote bag (good for introducing you to using a sewing machine)
    • Make a Cushion (learn to put in a zip)
    • Your very own mission 9 hours over 3 weeks
  • Freehand machine embroidery 3 week course
  • Comical cupcakes
  • Furniture Chalk painting
    • A variety of distressing techniques, printing and decoupage
    • Using Gilding and Glazes
  • Art for those who believe they can’t paint Part 1 and 2
  • Making fabric or paper bunting
  • Applique art
  • Up cycling your wardrobe.
  • Pimp your t-shirt
  • Willow lanterns for Halloween or Christmas
  • Decoupage jewellery boxes

Children’s Craft Parties:

Our very popular children’s craft parties can be brought to you in your own home or party venue or we can run it from ‘The Rope Walk’ in Bedminster, Bristol, which is a great venue if you thinking of inviting friends and family as well. And the Rope Walk can offer cake and sandwiches, tapas or a more substantial meal and of course loads of lubrication for adults or children.

We have found that the children enjoy starting their party by decorating cup cakes and we offer a bakers dozen of home baked cupcakes to decorate on a beautiful stand which the birthday boy or girl gets to keep. You can add candles and make this the birthday cake with everyone taking their own cupcake home at the end. What could be nicer? We can supply variously shaped biscuits for the children to decorate if they would prefer.

You can choose a craft from the ideas on our gallery or contact us for help or a purpose made activity. Often the children have their own ideas about a theme for their party for example rabbits, butterflies or dinosaurs and we would be delighted to offer creative solutions to any of these ideas. All materials are provided and there is no need to search around for original and inexpensive items to fill party bags because each child has a cake and a craft to proudly take home.

Prices start at £160 for 8 children for a 2 hour craft session
(this time might need to be reduced for younger children depending on their level of concentration).  

Children’ craft ideas:

  • Mirrors with relief moldings, paint and jewels
  • Mirrors with paint and jewels
  • Jewelery boxes
  • Painting your own canvas
  • Framing your initial
  • Decorating bags
  • Hat making
  • Making superhero capes and masks
  • Painting ceramics
    • a variety of styles and uses from moneyboxes to plates mugs and ornaments.
  • Making bangles
  • Decoupage animals

For Older Children 10 +

  • Manga Me:
    • learning to draw a manga cartoon of yourself and putting it onto a plate or as a framed picture
  • Willow lanterns for Halloween or Christmas
  • Willow animals, stars, hearts or wreaths

Adult Craft Parties or Hen Activities:

Prices start at £200 for 8 hens for a 2 hour craft session.

Arrange your special day at The Rope Walk, Bedminster, Bristol.
Or we can bring the party to you in your own home, or even a barge boat.

We can also provide a vintage tea party while you are crafting. Or choose a selection of delicious food from The Rope Walk menu. (Fully licensed)

Check out the gallery on our website or we can accommodate any of your ideas or wildest dreams, bespoke Hen Parties arranged or get inspiration from some of our old favourites below: -

  • Each Hen painting ceramics according to a pre-chosen theme in order to make up a dinner or tea set. This option works well with a vintage tea party.
  • Tiara making
  • Sash making
  • Pimp your knickers
  • Pimp your t-shirt
  • Making the place names and table decorations for the wedding
  • Making vintage fabric flowers to be used as corsages, as table decorations or as the bouquet at the wedding.
  • Manga me mugs – learning to do manga cartoons of yourselves and drawing them on mugs.
  • Decoupage a jewellery box


Mandy Makes:

Anyone who does this much craft is bound to be making stuff herself so it wont surprise you to know that I sell my own products via an Etsy shop called MandysMake where you will find Shabby Chic furniture and Textiles products.

Turning children’s drawings into toys.

I love children’s drawings, which have all the vitality, imagination and naivety which artists spend a lifetime trying to recapture. With their exaggerated proportions, bright energetic coloring, wobbly lines and fascinating back story, what could be more fun that bringing them to life as a soft cuddly toy which can join your child’s creative adventures and will be treasured for ever.


Email me on hello@mandysmake.com for more information and don’t forget to include a photo of the drawing.